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Welcome to GTTC Online

The Greater Toronto Transportation Conference (GTTC) is a non-profit organization of senior professionals involved in planning, design or provision of transportation infrastructure or services in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Membership in the GTTC is open to senior individuals in public or private sector transportation-related organizations, and must be approved by the GTTC Chair.

The GTTC meets eight times a year on a Friday over lunch (usually the 4th Friday of the month).

Upcoming Events

Transport Futures is facilitating a series of online Mobility Conversations that focus on all aspects of transportation policy and planning: transit, intercity travel, active transportation, road design, traffic safety and much more. During each 1-hour session, an international or local expert will make a presentation and then take at least 30 minutes to answer your excellent questions and comments. Click below for details!

Greater Toronto TransporTation Conference

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