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Past Events

2024-06-27 Toronto SmartTrack Stations Program, presented by Adriana Trujillo, Senior Manager Stations, Metrolinx
2024-05-31 Port Lands Flood Protection Project Site Visit
2024-04-26 From Reactive to Proactive: Modernizing our Approach to Traffic Management, Road Safety, and Transportation Data, presented by Alex Legrain - Project Leader, Special Projects (Traffic), City of Mississauga
2024-02-29 Fare Integration Panel Discussion with Patrick Miller, Brendon Hemily and Marcy Burchfield
2024-01-26 Developing a Micromobility Strategy for Toronto, presented by Janet Lo, Senior Project Manager, Policy, Data and Strategic Initiatives Section, Transportation Services Division, City of Toronto
2023-11-23 The Port Lands Flood Protection & Enabling Infrastructure Project: Leading with Landscape, presented by Shannon Baker, Project Director, Parks & Public Realm, Waterfront Toronto
2023-10-27 MOVING TOWARDS A FLOOD RESILIENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM IN DURHAM, presented by Mani Rajendran, P.Eng. Chair, Transportation Climate Resilience Task Force, Durham Region
2023-09-29 York University Lunch Meeting and Tour Hosted by: Nicole Arsenault, Program Director, Sustainability & Donna Hubbert, Director Parking & Transportation
2023-06-22 Union Station Project Tour and Lunch
2023-05-26 Transit Oriented Communities: Market Driven Strategy, presented by Meghan Wong, VP Development, Metrolinx
2023-04-28 All Things Bus Rapid Transit: Insights on the Planning, Design and Construction of BRT, presented by Kris Jacobson, Director, Bus Rapid Transit, Metrolinx
2023-02-24 Toronto: North America's Largest Transit Expansion Opportunity, presented by Reece Martin (RM Transit) and Stephen Velasco (Future Model Toronto)
2023-01-27 Bike Share 2025: Changing the Way TO Moves, presented by Justin Hanna, Director, Bike Share Toronto
2022-11-25 London’s Mobility Master Plan, presented by Doug MacRae, P.Eng., MPA, Director, Transportation & Mobility, City of London
2022-10-28 High Frequency Rail-Project Update by Transport Canada, Presented by Vincent Robitaille, Assistant Deputy Minister-High Frequency Rail
2022-09-23 Brampton’s Higher Order Transit Plans, presented by Alex Milojevic, General Manager, Brampton Transit
2022-06-24 Ridership Recovery Successes in Metro Vancouver: Takeaways from TransLink Presented by Chelsea Craig, Planner, Transit Network Management, TransLink
2022-05-27 Roadmap for Recovery & Beyond: Preparing Transit for a Post-COVID World, presented by Ji-Yeon Lee, Leader, Projects, MiWay Transit Division, Transportation & Works Department, City of Mississauga
2022-04-29 Union Station Enhancement Project: Pilot Project for the Alliance Contracting Model, presented by Alan Poon, Director, Civil Infrastructure, Infrastructure Ontario
2022-02-25 If We Knew Then What We Know Now…Lessons from Toronto's Automated Shuttle Trial, presented by Jennifer Niece, Senior Project Manager, Transportation Services, Strategic Policy & Innovation, City of Toronto
2022-01-28 Transportation Planning in Afghanistan, presented by Sameem Raheemi, Ex-Director General of Kabul International Airport, Kabul, Afghanistan
2021-11-26 Union Station Bay Concourse, presented by Ken Rose, Senior Manager Union Station Rail Corridor, Metrolinx
2021-10-29 Rapid Transit and Transit Oriented Development in Durham Region, presented by, Lorraine Huinink, Director of Rapid Transit and Transit Oriented Development (TOD)
2021-09-24 Big Moves and Little Moves: Advancing Sustainable Transportation in Hamilton, presented by Brian Hollingworth, Director, Transportation Planning and Parking, City of Hamilton
2021-06-25 Searching for the right way to use a right-of-way: What on-street Covid-19 responses remind us about the nature of transportation corridors, presented by Michelle Berquist, Manager of Area Transportation Planning, City of Toronto
2021-05-28 Overview of Expansion Prioritization for Highways, presented by Susan Nichol, MTO
2021-04-30 Overview of TTC as the Operator of the Toronto LRT Program, presented by Sean Fuller, Head of LRT at TTC
2021-02-26 Highway 401 and 409 Rail Tunnel: Constructing a twin tunnel structure under 21 live traffic lanes, presented by Franca Costantino, Mike Bradley, and Josh Manning
2021-01-29 Overview of the New Union Station Bus Terminal, presented by Anthony Pezzetti, Metrolinx
2020-11-27 How Technology is Shaping the Future of Transit, presented by Hamish Campbell, Country Manager at Via On-Demand Transit
2020-10-30 Automated Shuttle Trial & Transportation Innovation Zones – Updates from the City of Toronto, presented by Lindsay Wiginton, RPP, MCIP
2020-09-25 Runaway Train, presented by Stephen Wickens, Transportation Researcher and Historian
2020-07-24 City of Mississauga Rapid Transit Update, presented by Jerry Che Manager, Rapid Transit City of Mississauga
2020-02-28 Managing Public Digital Infrastructure: Ensuring Citizens Benefit from Smart Technologies, presented by Kurtis McBride, Co-founder and CEO of Miovision
2020-01-31 Understanding the Role of the City of Toronto Transit Expansion Office, presented by Derrick Toigo, Executive Director, Transit Expansion Office, City of Toronto.
2019-11-29 Greater Toronto Area West Transportation Corridor Study Update, presented by Rina Kulathinal, Area Manager, Route Planning & Transit Initiatives, Ministry of Transportation
2019-10-25 TTC's 5-Year Service Plan & 10-Year Outlook, presented by Stephanie Simard Craig, Senior Planner – System and Policy, Strategy and Service Planning Department
2019-10-04 Infrastructure Ontario Market Update 2019
2019-06-20 Tour: Whitby Rail Maintenance Facility
2019-05-31 Tested By Fire: Remembering the Mississauga Train Derailment
2019-04-26 An Introduction to the Port Lands Flood Protection Enabling Infrastructure Project
2019-03-01 Toronto Pearson's Regional Transit and Passenger Centre
2019-02-01 Preparing for Automated Vehicles at the City of Toronto
2018-11-30 Mississauga’s Transportation and Transit Initiatives – The Year of the Master Plans
2018-11-02 Keeping a Transit System Safe: How GO became Guardians of the Journey for 72 Million Passengers
2018-10-05 Union Station Progress Update,
2018-06-21 Tour: King Street Transit Pilot Project
2018-05-25 Ontario's Value Process - Modern Project Delivery (AFP)
2018-04-27 The 2041 Regional Transportation Plan: From Plan to Making it Happen
2018-03-02 Vision Zero in Canada, presented by Pamela Fuselli
2018-01-26 King Street Transit Pilot: Moving People More Efficiently, Supporting Business, and Improving Public Space
2017-11-24 High Speed Rail in Ontario - An overview of the findings of the Special Advisor’s Report and update on the current status of the project, with Steven Levene, Director, Major Rail Project Office, Ministry of Transportation.
2017-10-27 Leveraging public infrastructure procurements to drive local social and economic impacts, presented by Jon Elkin, Vice President of OMX.
2017-09-22 Dundas Connects - A master plan for rapid transit and intensified urban development for Dundas Street in Mississauga, presented by Andrew Miller, Strategic Leader, City of Mississauga
2017-06-16 Tour: York University Station with Joanna Kervin, Director, Third Party, Planning, and Property, TYSSE
2017-05-26 Managed Lanes - Some Like It HOT, presented by Bronwyn Cuthbertson, Manager, HOT Lanes Pilot Office, Ministry of Transportation
2017-04-21 Transportation Priorities in Toronto, presented by Barbara Gray, General Manager, Transportation Services, City of Toronto
2017-02-24 PRESTO, Transforming the Way our Region Moves, Presented by Kim Hopps Director, Client Management and Business Development at PRESTO
2017-01-27 Future of Urban Mobility by Private Cars, presented by Brett Chang, Public Policy Associate, Uber Canada

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