The Greater Toronto Transportation Conference (GTTC) is an organization of senior people involved in planning, design or provision of transportation infrastructure or services in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Originally formed as the Joint Traffic Committee in 1926, and later known as the Metro Toronto Transportation Conference, the GTTC is a unique forum for dialogue relating to all aspects of transportation policy, planning, operation and service provision across the GTA.

Membership in the GTTC is open to senior individuals in public or private sector transportation related organizations. The GTTC meets eight times a year on a Friday over lunch (usually the 4th Friday of the month). Lunch time discussions of the most topical transportation issues in the GTA are always lively, informative, frank and collegial.

GTTC Board of Directors

Michael Chiu
Vice President, Transportation Business Development
WSP Canada

Andy Harvey
Director, Traffic Management and Municipal Parking
City of Mississauga

Chris Spiering
Manager, Scheme Governance & Oversight

Bill Jenkins

Trevor Anderson
Program Sponsor, Union Station Enhancement

Greater Toronto TransporTation Conference

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