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  • 2023-12-20 4:48 PM | Anonymous

    On behalf of the GTTC, I would like to thank all our members for helping to preserve the 97-year legacy of the GTTC and continuing this unique forum for dialogue relating to all aspects of transportation policy, planning, operation, and service provision across the GTA.

    A special thanks to this year’s Speakers for taking the time to share with us their stories, project updates, and insights into transportation planning.

    Our 2023 Speakers

    • Justin Hanna, Director, Bike Share Toronto, Toronto Parking Authority
    • Reece Martin, RM Transit & Stephen Velasco, Future Model Toronto
    • Kris Jacobson, Director, Bus Rapid Transit, Metrolinx
    • Meghan Wong, VP Development, Metrolinx
    • Carl Lewis, Program Sponsor & Ken Rose, Senior Manager, Union Station, Metrolinx
    • Nicole Arsenault, Program Director, Sustainability & Donna Hubbert, Director Parking & Transportation, York University
    • Mani Rajendran, Chair, Transportation Climate Resilience Task Force, Durham Region
    • Shannon Baker, Project Director, Parks & Public Realm, Waterfront Toronto

    Retiring from the Board

    Michelle Berquist has retired from her position on the GTTC Board. Michelle is taking a few months of sabbatical from the City of Toronto to travel and pursue special interest projects.

     “It has been an honour to work with the GTTC to daylight cutting-edge work happening across our region, and to bring leading thinkers together.”

    We would like to extend our warmest thanks to Michelle for her contribution to the GTTC. We wish her safe travels and look forward to seeing her at future meetings.

    2024 Meetings

    We started going back to some in-person meetings in the past year. In 2024, we plan on all in-person meetings with remote participation opportunities. Full details will be provided closer to the meeting dates. We look forward to seeing you in 2024!

    Have a Safe and Happy Holiday.    

    Michael Chiu

    GTTC Chair

  • 2023-07-04 8:30 AM | Anonymous

    On June 22, 2023, we had our first in-person project tour in four years. Our hosts from Metrolinx, Carl Lewis, Program Sponsor Union Station, Kenneth Rose, Senior Manager, and Jason Lee, Union Station Sponsor, took us on a 90-minute tour of Union Station Projects (completed and under construction). 

    “It was amazing to see some interesting...and new changes to Union Station. The site is heavily used and is subject to constant construction and improvement. It was amazing to get great insights and perspectives from the Metrolinx team that hosted us,” said Trevor Anderson, GTTC Director.

    "The amazing thing to me is that in spite of compact size and the relative small amount of money invested in this terminal the return in terms of daily use for commuters it is very impressive. Far greater than the Pearson International Airport terminals, making it the largest Transportation in Canada and among the great terminals of the world...all of this supported by aging infrastructure, in some cases approaching 100 years," commented Bill Jenkins, GTTC Treasurer.

    "This facelift was badly needed and expertly shoehorned into place quietly and effectively with little fanfare or disruption to the daily operation. Credit to the men and women who made this happen," said Bill.

    We met in the Great Hall, where Ken discussed the significant restoration that has been completed to preserve and maintain the original heritage of the station, as well as future plans for the public space. 

    Fun fact: Did you know that there are four typos in the names of the 27 Canadian cities carved in the walls of the Great Hall?

    We then went over to the recently renovated Bay Concourse, which opened in 2021. The 62,000 square-foot space provides improved commuter amenities and easy connections to the train platforms, TTC subway transit and Toronto’s underground PATH system. 

    After that, we took a look at the construction of the new modernized open concept passenger concourse that will seamlessly connect Bay and York Streets, provide additional access points to and from the platform levels above and maintain connections into the Bay, York, and VIA concourses, Union Square and Scotiabank Arena. 

    Elysia Targa joined the tour and discussed the Union Station Enhancement Project (USEP) and the challenges of constructing a new concourse adjacent to an active station and rail corridor.

    Pictured Above: East side of the Union Station Rail Corridor (USRC), showing the recent hi-rise developments on either side and the construction site trailers for USEP to the right (affectionately known as the trailer park.)

    The last stop on the tour was a look at the new Union Station Bus Terminal, located on the second floor of the south tower of CIBC Square. The terminal opened on December 5, 2020, replacing the outdoor terminal that was previously located on the north side of the rail corridor.

    After the tour we headed over to Scaddabush for lunch, where had the opportunity to catch up with our colleagues and discuss what we had learned on the tour.

  • 2023-01-11 12:08 PM | Anonymous

    What is the future of limited access highways in Ontario and beyond? The GTTC invites you to find out at the Highway Planning Webinar Series that is being facilitated by Transport Futures! Taking place online between February 9 and May 4, seven webinars will feature 45 international experts who will compare and contrast the latest research, case studies and best practices through presentations and interactive panel discussions. Based on this wealth of information, delegates representing government, business, academia and NGOs will decide whether it is best to expand, optimize and/or replace highways in the short and long term.  

    Be sure to register by Jan 27 to take advantage of early bird rates for the first 3-hour webinar which will focus on “Expanding Highways: Opportunities and challenges in a COVID-altered world" – moderated by Michael Chiu! As a GTTC member, you receive a special 10% discount using code GTTC8.  Other discounts ranging from 15% to 25% are also available if you purchase 3 to 7 webinars in one transaction (no code necessary).

    Contact Martin Collier at if you have any questions.

  • 2022-12-22 3:04 PM | Anonymous

    On behalf of the GTTC, I would like to thank this year’s Speakers for taking the time to share with us their stories, project updates, and insights into transportation planning.

    Our 2022 Speakers

    • Sameem Raheemi, Ex-Director General of Kabul International Airport
    • Jennifer Niece, Senior Project Manager, Transportation Services, Strategic Policy & Innovation, City of Toronto
    • Alan Poon, Director, Civil Infrastructure, Infrastructure Ontario
    • Ji-Yeon Lee, Leader, Projects, MiWay Transit Division, Transportation & Works Department, City of Mississauga
    • Chelsea Craig, Planner, Transit Network Management, TransLink
    • Alex Milojevic, General Manager, Brampton Transit
    • Vincent Robitaille, Assistant Deputy Minister-High Frequency Rail
    • Doug MacRae, P.Eng., MPA, Director, Transportation & Mobility, City of London

    New to the GTTC Board of Directors

    Last month we were pleased to welcome Nadine Navarro to our Board of Directors. 

    Nadine is VP Head Sponsor, Stations at Metrolinx, and comes with 20 years of experience in transportation planning and project development across Canada and beyond. 

    Retiring from the Board

    Andy Harvey has retired from his position on the GTTC Board. Andy joined the GTTC’s Board in 2015, after being a presenter at the end of 2014.

    Andy told us, “It has been a pleasure being part of the GTTC as it has provided a great networking opportunity and a chance to learn a lot about many sectors of the transportation industry that I normally wouldn’t see.”

    We would like to extend our warmest thanks to Andy for his contribution to the GTTC and helping to make our meetings a great success. Andy will continue on as a GTTC member. We look forward to seeing him at future meetings.

    In 2023, we will start going back to some in-person meetings. We plan on four in-person and four virtual meetings. Full details will be provided closer to the meeting dates.

    I would like to thank all our members for helping to preserve the 96-year legacy of the GTTC and continuing this unique forum for dialogue relating to all aspects of transportation policy, planning, operation, and service provision across the GTA. We look forward to seeing you in 2023!

    Have a Safe and Happy Holiday.    

    Michael Chiu
    GTTC Chair

  • 2022-11-25 8:30 AM | Anonymous

    GTTC is pleased to announce the appointment of Nadine Navarro to the Board of Directors.

    “I am thrilled to be part of GTTC and continue to learn from and grow with transportation leaders across the GTA.” 

    Nadine is VP Head Sponsor, Stations at Metrolinx, and comes with 20 years of experience in transportation planning and project development across Canada and beyond.  She is a licensed civil engineer, having studied at McGill and MIT, and has contributed to major project advancement in a range of jurisdictions, managing complex stakeholder networks and creating positive relationships.   


  • 2022-05-19 10:56 AM | Anonymous

    May 25, 2022 (10 am-noon) – Innis Town Hall, University of Toronto & Online

    With Ontarians casting their votes on June 2, Transport Futures invites you to join us at our Provincial Election Transportation Debate on May 25! The Progressive Conservatives, NDP, Liberals and Greens will be asked tough but fair questions on how they'll solve a range of transport challenges: traffic congestion, multi-modal infrastructure funding, disruptive technologies, goods movement, equity, safety, governance, leadership and environmental impacts.

    For event details and to register, please visit or email

  • 2021-12-24 7:46 AM | Anonymous

    Message from the Chair

    Earlier this year, we were hopeful that we might be able to return to some kind of in-person meetings, but as the pandemic continues to evolve at an accelerated pace, it looks like that may not happen, at least until after the winter next year.

    On a positive note, our virtual luncheon meetings have been quite successful. We have had great speakers again this year. We added breakout sessions to our meetings to provide members and their guests an opportunity to connect and discuss the presentation topic in smaller groups.
    This year, we were very happy to have Michelle Berquist join the GTTC Board as a new Director. Click for more information

    We have made members’ contact information available to other members on our Website. We will also be adding members’ organization info, which will be available for public viewing. If there is anything you would like to see included on our Website, please send us an email at

    We would like to encourage more individuals from the public sector to join the GTTC. If anyone knows of a public sector, senior-level, candidate that may be interested, please let any of our Board Executives know. You can find a link to their email on the Website's About Us page.

    Membership fees for 2022 will be offered at a reduced rate. Look out for your membership renewal email in early January.

    On behalf of the GTTC, I and our Board Executives would like to wish you all a Happy Holiday.

    Stay safe.


    Michael Chiu
    GTTC Chair

  • 2021-10-21 6:43 AM | Anonymous

    October 21, 2021 

    GTTC is pleased to announce the appointment of Michelle Berquist to the Board of Directors.

    " It’s a honour to become a co-host of this forum where the GTA's most powerful transportation authorities expand their minds and deepen their relationships to strengthen our collective ability to serve."

    Michelle joined the City of Toronto in 2019 to initiate and manage a planning unit within the Transportation Services division. Her new and growing team plans for neighbourhoods and precincts where we all have 'freedom to move' – a vision she became committed to during her time at City of Mississauga while leading the development of the City's first Transportation Master Plan.

    Michelle teaches the art of planning studies as the instructor of the capstone project course in the University of Toronto Master of Science in Planning program. She always welcomes opportunities to facilitate lifelong learning in the field of 'plangineering', and looks forward to animating this forum of learning and bond-building for the GTA's transportation authorities and leaders as a Board Member at GTTC.

  • 2020-12-22 10:18 AM | Anonymous

    2020 has been a year like no other. Coronavirus has affected our lives in ways we couldn’t have imaged. We had no idea back in February that Smart Cities, Managing Public Digital Infrastructure, would be our last in-person luncheon for the year.

    Fortunately, with the help of technology, we held four successful virtual luncheon meetings this year. We were even able to include some out-of-town guests that would not normally be able to attend in-person luncheons.

    We finally launched our new website this year, to provide a better and more collaborative experience for our members, and make registration and payment easier. Our website URL, (which we considered updating earlier this year), has now taken on more relevance.

    We encourage you to keep the discussions going on our forum page

    For all our current members who paid the full membership in 2020, we will be extending your membership for 2021 and waiving the membership fees for the year.

    As we move into a new, and hopefully better year, I would like to thank the Board, our loyal members, and guests, for keeping alive the dialogue of topical issues relating to transportation policy, planning, operation and service provision across the GTA (a 94-year-old tradition).

    On behalf of the Board, I wish you all a very Safe and Happy Holiday Season.

    We look forward to seeing you online in 2021.


    Michael Chiu
    GTTC Chair

  • 2020-07-24 6:46 AM | Anonymous

    Chris SpieringGTTC is pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Spiering to the Board of Directors.

    Chris is currently with PRESTO as Manager, Scheme Governance & Oversight. He started his career in the private sector in a variety of consulting roles. He joined Metrolinx in 2014 working on the launch of UP Express and subsequently regional fare integration.

    Chris is a certified Project Manager and graduate from the Western Ivey Business School.

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