Ontario's Value Process - Modern Project Delivery (AFP)

  • 2018-05-25
  • (UTC-04:00)

Ontario's Value Process - Modern Project Delivery (AFP), presented by Chris Gauer, P.Eng., President, Major Projects, Infrastructure Ontario

Much of the inherent value of the public-private partnership model employed in the delivery of major infrastructure projects lies in the model’s ability to foster innovation with respect to how a project is conceived and delivered. Innovation requires deliberate effort and an adaptive process, paired with a willingness on behalf of all participants to examine, test, and deliver new outcomes.

While innovation can occur within traditional infrastructure project delivery, it is typically more difficult to achieve. What is required - and what may be found within the public-private partnership model - is an open, flexible approach that enables adaptation in order to manage and mitigate risk, reduce cost, enhance constructability, and minimize disruption to the public.

For more than a decade, Ontario has employed its Alternative Finance and Procurement value-based process to bring over 100 major infrastructure projects to market. This presentation will examine drivers of innovation, their impact upon the transfer of project risk, and the manner in which a value-based process beneficially affects the pricing and delivery of such projects.

Greater Toronto TransporTation Conference

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