Leveraging public infrastructure procurements to drive local social and economic impacts, presented by Jon Elkin, Vice President of OMX.

  • 2017-10-27
  • 97 Front Street

OMX is a platform that specializes in measuring the social and economic impacts from large public procurement projects. Jon will speak to the global trends that governments around the world are applying to their various procurement requirements from the defence, aerospace, and infrastructure sectors.

With a rapidly changing global political environment, more and more governments are requiring a return on their investment beyond the delivery of the goods and services, and are looking for sustainable, long-term impacts to the social architecture and economy.

Jon will provide insights and examples of how infrastructure companies can use big data analytics as a competitive advantage in their bids to government, and how governments can firm up social and economic returns from their procurement activities.

Jon graduated from Queens University with a degree in Political Studies and went on to earn his Masters Degree in War Studies from the Royal Military College of Canada. He began his career in marketing, and in 2012 became the Director of Client Services for commonsku Inc, a SaaS start-up focused on connecting buyers and suppliers in the branded marketing industry. Jon was instrumental in growing commonsku, leading all client relations and helping the platform grow to one of the largest online marketing marketplaces with over 100 million dollars in transactions in its first three years. He is passionate about creating great experiences for his clients and ensuring their success. Today, he is Vice President of OMX, an active member of the NATO Association of Canada, and outside of work enjoys skiing, running and mountain biking.

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