Dundas Connects - A master plan for rapid transit and intensified urban development for Dundas Street in Mississauga, presented by Andrew Miller, Strategic Leader, City of Mississauga

  • 2017-09-22
  • 97 Front Street

The Dundas Street corridor in Mississauga stretches 17 km from the border of Oakville to the western edge of Toronto at the Etobicoke border. Over the next 35 to 40 years, the number of people who live, work, learn, and travel along the corridor is expected to increase significantly. To manage this growth, the City of Mississauga has developed a long-term, future-oriented master plan for the Dundas Street corridor. The plan will shape the future look and feel of Dundas Street, focusing on transit, land use, and public space. It makes recommendations on: the appropriate mode of rapid transit for the corridor; a land use and urban design vision for the corridor; and, corridor and public realm design.

Andrew is a Strategic Leader with the City of Mississauga. He is currently leading the delivery of Dundas Connects. Previous to this, he worked for the Ontario Public Service for eight years in various positions at the Ministries of Infrastructure, Finance, and Transportation, most recently as head of the Municipal Transit Policy Office. He holds an MA and PhD from Yale University and Johns Hopkins University respectively.

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